Here in the Traditional Language and History Department, we have an entire staff dedicated to developing materials for teaching the Creek language of the Seminoles as well as breaking down and teaching that language to the students that attend the Pemayetv Emahakv Charter School. 

Our Language Enrichment House  is a completely immersive environment housing babies aged 4 moons until a roughly 5 year old minimally English speaking child. There are anywhere from 2-6 fully fluent speakers (our grandma's/ grandpa's)  in the house at all times as well as 2 secondary speakers/learners. Everything that is accomplished throughout the day is done so using strictly Creek. Nap time. Play time. Story time. Eating time. All in Creek. All the time.

This year we also extended our classes to include the new Pre-K4 students as well. These little guys will be attending a Creek themed classroom everyday. Music and Dancing. Hands on Activities. Creek. Does this sound like fun or what?

Elementary classes Kindergarten thru 3rd grade cover the initial Creek concept while grades 4-6 are working their way up to more complex sentence conjugation, reading, and comprehension.

Our middle school students have the opportunity beginning in the 7th grade to earn High School Language Credits that may transfer on through college.

In our Arts and Crafts classes, the students learn traditional Seminole activities. The students are taught how to sew and create beautiful authentic beadwork. Outside under the chickees, the boys learn traditional ways and acquire carving skills while the girls have the opportunity to wear their traditional clothing and learn to cook traditional Seminole dishes.


Seminole History has been moved to only the 6th, 7th and 8th classes.  There is just not enough of Mrs. Jade to go around!

The middle school students not only learn about the History surrounding the Seminoles but they are able to participate in planting, tending  and harvesting a traditional garden. All students learn about the way the Seminole Tribal Government works and they have the chance to campaign and run for student council and will have the opportunity to represent the school. Children attending 4th grade and above are able to leave the campus to visit the local Historical sites. These field trips are presented by an elder and the way of life at that specific moment in time is explained to them.