WEEK OF March 20

cvpakkecetv- to make mad

wvnkecetv- to make thirsty

fekcakkecetv- to make jealous

feknokkicetv- to make sad

nokkicetv- to make sick

lvwecetv- to make hungry

cvfeknicetv- to make healthy

penkvlecetv- to make scared

hotosicetv- to make tired

afvckecetv- to make happy

holwicecetv- to make mean

horecetv- to make lazy

ahane- going
ahaneko- not going 
towis- I am
eko towis- I am not
ahane towis- I am going
ahaneko towis- I am not going
eko- not










Mrs. Jade

Ms. Marci

7th Grade: Questions, Concerns, or Comments?